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Danzan-Ryu Class Pictures

Yoshimatsu Tanaka and the Shinyu-Kai Dojo (51K) - This 1916 photograph shows Okazaki (top row, center) in the Shinyu-Kai Dojo. The master of the school, Yoshimatsu Tanaka is seated in the middle row just below Okazaki. Okazaki's personal trainer, Sasae is seated to Tanaka's left. (Note: The correct Japanese reading of Tanaka's first name is "Yoshimatsu" instead of "Kichimatsu" as is seen in many writings.)

Okazaki as a white belt in 1921 (36.6K)

Okazaki vs. The Boxer (44.3K) Okazaki (here seen standing at the far right) took on the boxing champion Carl "K.O." Morris (seated next to Okazaki) after the boxer had beating other Jujutsu practitioners. Okazaki writes, "In May, 1922, when Morrison, then champion of American boxing, came to Hawaii, I challenged him to a match and enhanced the reputation of Japanese Judo by defeating him with much splendor."

Okazaki leaves for Japan - In September, 1924, Seishiro Okazaki left Hilo for a five month trip to Japan. He only stayed in Japan for three months, since the Hawaii/Japan boat trip took one month each way.

Okazaki and Kendo (39K) - Professor Okazaki was skilled in Kendo as well as unarmed martial arts. This 1927 photo shows Okazaki in from of his massage clinic in Hilo with a visiting Kendo team from Japan. Okazaki's brother Genkichi (far left) and his son Hachiro (front row center) are also seen here.

Historical photos from 1938.
(I have identified a number of the people in these photographs. If you recognize any others, please send me an e-mail. Thanks.)

May 15, 1938 (57K) - Here we see the graduation and mokuroku presentation to several Okazaki students including Emil "Curley" Friedman (2nd from left), Charles F. Wagner (2nd from right) and Richard P. Rickerts (seated far right). These students had begun their training with Okazaki in 1932 and received their black belts in 1936. Also shown in this picture are Okazaki's teacher Kosogabe, Okazaki's son Hachiro and AJJF founder Merlin "Bud" Estes.

Sep. 11, 1938 (43K) - This is one of the massage class graduations held by Okazaki. What is notable about this photo are the number of famous Okazaki students here. Seated on the front row is Esther Azumi (2nd from left) and Charles Wagner (far right). In the middle row are John Cahill (5th from right), Richard Rickerts (5th from left), Bud Estes (6th from left). In the back row are Marion Anderson (5th from left) and Tony Muran (far right). It is also noteworthy that there are many U.S. servicemen in attendance here.

Okazaki and Sumo (49.3K) This portion of a Nov. 13, 1938 photo shows the celebration after one of Okazaki's Sumo tournaments. Okazaki was very instrumental in bringing Sumo to Hawaii. He held many of these Basho (outdoor tournaments) during the 1930's and 1940's which were attended by hundreds of spectators. The Basho were well liked by the large Japanese population in the islands. This photo shows Okazaki with his Sumo team. Included in the picture are: Curley Freedman, Marion Anderson, Tony Muran, Dick Rickerts, Charlie Wagner and Hachiro Okazaki.

Okazaki's Sumo Team (38K) - In this 1936 photo, Okazaki (far left) is shown with his Sumo team. Next to the Professor is Capt. Harold McLain, one of his advisors.

1939 Class of Instructors (68K) - Shown here is the 1939 instructor graduation class of the Kodenkan. 1st row L-R: Clarence Lane, Juan Gomez, Robert Pratt, H.A. Keating, Araja Kimura, Giichi Sasaki, Markham Spencer. 2nd row L-R (from third kneeling) Joseph Swearingen, Tony Muran, Frank Souza, John Cahill, Lawrence Davis, Marion Anderson, Vickers Ward.

Bud Estes Receives His Mokuroku (34K) - Professor Okazaki presents the graduation scroll to Bud Estes (right) on Mar. 9, 1939. Also present are Richard Rickerts and Burle Estes.

Ray Law Receives His Mokuroku (35K) - Professor Okazaki and several of his instructors sit for this portrait after the presentation of the graduation scroll to Ray Law. Those present include Curley Freedman, Richard Rickerts, Charles Wagner and A.M. Glover.

1940 Kodenkan Instructors (58K) - This Feb. 15, 1940 photo shows the Kodenkan instructor corps as of 1940. They are (seated L-R) Charles F. Wagner, Professor Okazaki, Richard P. Rickerts, Emil "Curley" Freedman; (standing L-R) Robert W. Pratt, Tony Muran, John F. Cahill, Marion W. Anderson, James "Sonny" Chang, Juan D. Gomez, Frank N. Souza. This photo is interesting because it contains the autographs of each of these men.

Prof. Okazaki and Steve Byzek (41K) - This is my favorite photo of the Professor. It shows the graduation of Steve Byzek as Second Rank and his receipt of the Mokuroku (catalog) scroll. In addition, this copy of the photo was autographed by the Professor.

Massage Class Graduation (77.1K) - This photo was taken on July 20, 1941 of the graduation ceremony for 17 massage class graduates and two Jujutsu mokoroku recipients. Included on the front row are Steven J. Byzek (1st from left), Frank Souza (5th from left), John Cahill (third from right) and on the second row is Emil "Curley" Freedman (seated 1st from left). On the two ends of the graduates are assistant instructors Marion Anderson (far left) and Richard Rickerts (far right) in their clinical garb. These graduations were typically attended by a Shinto priest (seated to Okazaki's right) and a number of family and guests. Okazaki's step-daughter, Esther Azumi, is standing in the back (3rd from the left).

Kufferath's Children's Class (58.6K) - This picture was taken in front of the Nikko Sanitorium/Dojo in July, 1942. Pictured here is Okazaki with Kufferath's Yonenbu (children's class). Seated at Okazaki's right are Sig Kufferath and Okazaki's step-daughter Esther Azumi. Esther's brother Tsute Azumi is standing against the left wall, second from the left. In the back row are Kimo Hachie and John Chow-Hoon. Chow-Hoon (now deceased) went on to be a prolific Jujutsu and Kempo teacher. Kimo works in the aerospace industry in Los Angeles and teaches Chen-style T'ai-chi Ch'uan. Are any of you in this picture? Close-up with annotation.

Ewa Marine Judo Club (38K) - After serving in northern Africa as a paratrooper during World War II, Steve Byzek returned to Hawaii and taught at the Ewa Marine Judo Club. This photo shows the Quonset hut dojo on base at Ewa. Note the khaki judogis which were fashioned from available cloth.

Prof. Bill Montero (14.9K) - After receiving his black belt at the Kodenkan, Bill Montero moved to the mainland and produced many fine Jujutsu students. He was known as an innovator in martial arts.

1947 AJI Meeting (50.5K) Here is a photograph of a meeting of the AJI in 1947. The caption reads, "First American Jujitsu Institute Meeting held September 17, 1947. Among those seen in this photo are Bill Ah Moo, Jack Wheat, Henry Okazaki, Andy Anderson, Juan Gomez, Pat McCarthy, Richard Takamoto, Henry Pfaender. The AJI was originally called the American Jujitsu Guild, but became the AJI in 1941.

Here are the class pictures from the 1948 and 1993 Okugi (inner mysteries) classes.

Okugi 1948 Warning! Large file (97K). The special class for Okazaki's black belt instructors held in 1948 in Honolulu. In this class, Okazaki taught the Shinnin, Shinyo and Shingen courses as well as Kappo methods. How many of these individuals can you identify?

Post Okugi Dinner is held for Okugi students, Prof. Okazaki and other guests.

Okugi 1993 Warning! Large file (92K). The first repeat of the Okugi class held in Campbell, CA. This class was held in the summer of 1993 and taught by Prof. Sig Kufferath and Prof. Tony Janovich. How many of these individuals can you identify?

1993 Okugi Graduation (33K) - At the end of the 1993 Okugi class, 23 instructors received graduation diplomas. This photo shows Professor Kufferath awarding the Kaidensho to George Arrington. Professor Janovich and "Oscar" (the skeleton) look on. Prof. James Muro (not shown) also officiated. Note: The calligraphy (done by Professor Janovich) on the left reads, "Dan Zan Ryu".

1993 Kaidensho (40K) - This is one of the Kaidensho (complete transmission certificate) awarded at the 1993 Okugi class. Compare this with the 1948 Kaidensho.

Okazaki and Bill Ah Moo (32K) - This photo (circa 1949) shows Bill Ah Moo at the head of the Kodenkan with Prof. Okazaki. (Photo courtesy of Prof. James Muro.)

Okazaki promotes Bill Ah Moo (14K) - This photo (circa 1949) shows Bill Ah Moo receiving his Fourth Rank from Prof. Okazaki. (Photo courtesy of Prof. James Muro.)

1949 Graduation Class (44K) - This photo appeared in the October 20, 1949 issue of the Pearl Harbor Log. The photo description reads:
"The group photo below left, was taken at the Okazaki Gymnasium during a recent ceremony of presentation. Left to right are Raymond Au, Shop 07; Benjamin Apo, Shop 31; Professor Henry Okazaki, leading figure in local judo circles; Mr. Ah Moo; Elliot Smith, Shop 38, member of the Board of Directors of the Institute; and John Wheat, Shop 72, Secretary of the Institute. Mr Wheat is also judo instructor at the Armed Services YMCA.
The photo at lower right shows Mr. Apo receiving the congratulations of Professor Okazaki and Mr. Ah Moo on his promotion to the fourth rank of the Black Belt class. The professor holds the highest honor that can be conferred upon exponents of the art, that of seventh rank."

(Editor's Note: Another article on Bill Ah Moo in the Pearl Harbor Log from 1953 listed the late Professor Okazaki's rank as Sixth Dan.)

Kodenkan 1957 (55K) - This photo shows the Kodenkan class with instructors Jack Wheat and Joe Holck. Also in this photo (to the left of Joe Holck) are Sig Kufferath and Hachiro Okazaki. The two children holding the Professor's portrait are his grandsons.

Penmar Judo Kai Summer 1976 - The Penmar Judo Kai in Santa Monica, CA produced many fine black belts under the tuteledge of James Marcinkus and others. The first picture shows the lineup of black belts at a black belt promotion. Among the black belts are Lawrence Boydston, Mike Belzer and Steve Belzer. The next photo shows Mike Belzer promoting George Arrington to Nidan (AJJF). Also promoted at this ceremony was Thomas Goodnough who received Shodan. Both Arrington and Goodnough were introduced to Danzan-Ryu by the Belzers while they lived in Reston, VA.

Professor Tony Janovich (29.9K) - This photo shows Tony Janovich receiving his mokuroku from Danzan-Ryu headmaster Professor Sig Kufferath. Janovich is the only person to receive a mokuroku scroll from Professor Kufferath in the last 40 years.

Bert Aspinall (11.9K) - This is a photo of Prof. Bert Aspinall taken in Prof. Ray Law's dojo.

1995 Virginia Kodenkan Promotion (36K) - Tom Shaw 5th kyu, Karen Panker 4th kyu, Sensei Leonard Pesheck, Sensei George Arrington, Lonnie Calhoun 3rd kyu, Marc Bouchard 5th kyu, Mike Brown 3rd kyu, Raymond Jackson 5th kyu (back row), Mike Forrey 3rd kyu (back row), Jason Robinson 2nd kyu, John Bush 4th kyu.

Hachidan Promotion (13K) - Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu Headmaster, Professor Sig Kufferath awards Hachidan (8th degree black belt) to Tony Janovich. This is the highest rank that is possible to receive from Prof. Kufferath.

Kodenkan Jujitsu School Instructors (29K) - This photo shows the instructors of the Kodenkan Jujitsu School. Seated (L-R) Prof. Sig Kufferath, 10th Dan, Prof. Tony Janovich, 8th Dan Standing (R-L) Clive Guth, 5th Dan, Marc Mandarich, 5th Dan, Michael Urmeneta, 2nd Dan, Jon Amaral 3rd Dan.

Kodenkan Jujitsu School Class of 1997 (39K) - Class graduation picture, Dec 18, 1997. Kneeling, L-R Ken Miura, Dennis Barrett, Troy Obreo, Carla Woo, Kimiko Kato. Seated Prof. Sig Kufferath and Prof. Tony Janovich. Standing L-R Sempai John LeDoux, Mikhail Faiguenblat, Sensei Clive Guth, Gary Sperber, Joe Torretto, Jason Romano, Liz Torretto, Tammy Webb, Cliff Reis, Sensei Jon Amaral.

1997 Virginia Kodenkan Graduation (36K) - This photo shows the graduates from the Summer 1997 testing at the Virginia Kodenkan. Instructors: George Arrington, Leonard Pesheck; Graduates: William Hahn - Shodan, George Arkwright & Michael Brown - Ikkyu, Karen Panker - Nikyu, David Taylor - Sankyu; Guests: Keith Nelson - Sandan Jujutsu, Brian Prestowitz - Shodan Kempo Karate.

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