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Danzan-Ryu Historical Document Pictures

The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women (27.7K) was written by Prof. H.S. Okazaki in 1929 while living in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. These photos show a wrist grab performed by an unidentified woman against Tsutae Watanabe, an instructor under Okazaki. Danzan-Ryu students will recognize this as the Yawara technique called Katate Hazushi Ichi. The captions to the pictures read: The assailant's left hand seizes the girl's right wrist, back of hand outward. To Break: The girl steps forward, swings in; forearm is pressed in along arm of assailant, a quick movement out and the wrist is released.

Code for Rank Holders (26.4K). This is the scan of an original document that was issued by the AJI in the 1940's.

1948 Okugi Kaidensho of Stephen J. Byzek (35K) This is one of the certificates that was handed out by Okazaki to graduates of his 1948 Okugi class. This one was given to the late Steve Byzek.

Complete transmission certificate

Shihan Stephen J. Byzek
recipient's title and name
Migi no mono Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu o shugyo suru koto tanen
The person named to the left having diligently studied Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu for many years

Kinben yoku sono okugi o tai toku shitaru o motte koko ni
through diligence has mastered the inner mysteries by means of these:
Beginning transmission

Middle transmission

Deep transmission
Oral transmission
Kappo ju ichi shu
Resuscitation methods eleven styles
O juyo seri yotte kore o shosu
is thereby awarded this proof
Ichi kyu yon hachi nen nigatsu niju nichi
February 22, 1948
Hawaii ken Honoruru shi
Hawaii prefecture Honolulu city
Danzan-Ryu soritsusha
Danzan-Ryu founder/organizer
Kodenkan shu
Kodenkan owner
Okazaki Seishiro

founder's name

Ohana Patches (10K) - Here are the patches from the Ohana festivals of '90, '92, '94, and '96.

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