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Danzan-Ryu Commercial Publications/Products

The following are publications, videos and other products that relate to Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu.


Presented by

Professor Don Cross, M.Ed., Rokudan

This high-quality 7-tape series covers many of the areas taught in the Jujitsu system. The tape volumes are:

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Note: This video series is presented by Jujitsu-Do Productions and is not affiliated with The Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu Homepage.

Announcing a new book from George Arrington...

Mokuroku and Kaidensho:The Official Documents of Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu

This book is a must for ALL Kodenkan/Danzan-Ryu practitioners! Learn about the actual documents that were awarded by Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki to his students. Read for yourself the actual esoteric principles from the Kodenkan in both Japanese and English. See exactly where some scrolls differ in their wording. Cut through the myth and get to the real story about the Okugi classes of 1948 and 1993. (See an excerpt here.)

This book contains copies of actual graduation scrolls (mokuroku) and Okugi certificates (kaidensho) of Kodenkan graduates. Each line is shown in four different formats:

  1. A copy of the original Japanese handwritten text
  2. A legible printed copy of the Japanese text
  3. The phonetic Japanese in "romaji" (English syllables)
  4. A direct translation into English

In addition, many pertinent photographs and other illustrations are included.

The cost of the book is $30 plus $5 S/H. Print out the order form below, fill it in and send it in today! (Make checks or money orders payable to George Arrington.)

Notice: The publication of this book will be limited. Don't miss out!


Please send me ____ copies of Mokuroku and Kaidensho at $30.00 plus $5 S/H per copy.

Total enclosed is: $_____________________

(Send order to: Virginia Kodenkan, 13908 Lee Jackson Hwy. #100, Chantilly, VA 22021. Make checks or money orders payable to George Arrington. Do not send cash. No electronic nor credit card orders.)

Ship my copies of Mokuroku and Kaidensho to:

Name _______________________________________________

Street __________________________________ Apt ________

City _______________________________ State _____ Zip ____________

Daytime Phone (____)_____ - ___________ E-Mail:__________________________

The Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu T-Shirt

The design is set against a neutral gray background and the front is an image of Henry Seishiro Okazaki with his name kanji. The back contains the correct kanji for the Danzan-Ryu board names from Yawara through Shingen. (Note: Some of these characters have only recently been made available to the general public.) The cost for each shirt is $15 and sizes are available from S to 3XL. Send orders to:
George Arrington, 13908 Lee Jackson Hwy #100, Chantilly, VA 22021
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.




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