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Danzan-Ryu Technique Pictures

The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women (27.7K) was written by Prof. H.S. Okazaki in 1929 while living in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. These photos show a wrist grab performed by an unidentified woman against Tsutae Watanabe, an instructor under Okazaki. Danzan-Ryu students will recognize this as the Yawara technique called Katate Hazushi Ichi. The captions to the pictures read: The assailant's left hand seizes the girl's right wrist, back of hand outward. To Break: The girl steps forward, swings in; forearm is pressed in along arm of assailant, a quick movement out and the wrist is released.

Okazaki performing Saka Nuki (reverse draw) on an Hawaiian beach in Maui. This technique is found in the Oku Te kata of Danzan-Ryu. Is this the same way you do it?

Step 1 (19.4K)
Step 2 (18.3K)
Step 3 (16.3K)
Step 4 (20.7K)

Note: The step 1 image was originally printed backwards, but has been electronically reversed. I then had to go back and reverse the kanji.

Three photos from 1939:

Kotemaki Tori Pin (36K) Here Professor Okazaki pins Instructor Charles Wagner to the mat with a Kotemaki (wrist-winding) hold. Among those observing the technique are Juan Gomez (3rd from right) and Ray Law (3rd from left). They are both wearing white belts in this picture.

Koguruma Demonstration (40K) Here are two students demonstrating Koguruma (minor wheel). This technique is found in the Oku list and is used as a counter for another Oku technique, Mizukuguri (water dive). Among those in gis seated to the left are Marion Anderson, Bud Estes, Richard Rickerts and Curly Freedman.

Okazaki on Film (23K) A Pathe News crew is shown here filming a demonstration of Jujutsu at a Punahoe school grounds. Professor Okazaki oversees this 1939 event.

Steve Byzek (35.7K) oversees his class at the Ewa Marine Dojo in Honolulu. Notice the use of matresses for mats. Steve Byzek began his study with Okazaki in the mid-1930's and was personaly instructed by Richard Rickerts and Marion Anderson. After the Pearl Harbor attack, Steve joined the Army and served in northern Africa where he was seriously wounded. Later, he returned to the islands and was one of Okazaki's instructors. He was a graduate of the 1948 Okugi class.

Soto Momo Harai (33K) - Here we see Steve Byzek demonstrating Soto Momo Harai (outside thigh sweep) at the Ewa Marine Dojo. Notice that the uke is wearing a sweat suit. During these years, the servicemen often wore these types of training uniforms and even olive drab Judo gis.

Bill Ah Moo Teaches - The following two photographs appeared in the May 1, 1953 issue of the Pearl Harbor Log.
Teaching how to do an armbar (33K)
Performing Hane Goshi (25K)
The caption reads:
"YOU'RE BREAKING HIS ARM the wrong way" is the gentle admonition from judo instructor Bill Ah Moo, Leading Machinist in Shop 31, doing the pointing in the picture at left. Bill teaches the sometimes-not-so-gentle sport at the Kodan Kan Gym. Brown belt student Lemuel Legroes, Jr. is doing the "breaking" and Army Major Walter Tymniak, ROTC Instructor at St. Louis College, is the victim. The Major, who's suffering about as much pain as comes from drinking a "cool one" on a warm day, could easily qualify as a television wrestler with all that fake grunting and groaning. At right, Ah Moo skips the verbal instructions and to get his point across sends Legroes sailing across the mat.

Tora Katsugi - Performed at Prof. Bud Estes class at Chapman School, circa 1961. Tori is JoAnn Burch and Uke is Tom Jenkins.

Prof. Bud Estes' Backyard - The following series of photos shows Prof. Estes and several of his students making a motion picture record of Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu techniques. The film was shot during the summer of 1961. Are these films still in existence?

James Marcinkus (9.2K) - This is a 1968 photo of James Marcinkus who was the chief instructor at the Penmar Jujitsu Kai (Los Angeles) for many years. Prof. Marcinkus was instrumental in forming the Southern California Jujitsu Association. He is currently retired from Jujutsu teaching and is an attorney in Los Angeles.

Southern California Jujutsu Kids (21.7K) - In this 1968 photo, we see a group of young Jujutsu students at a Judo camp. In the center of the picture, with his back to the camera is Steve Belzer. Seated at the far right is Lawrence Boydston.

Yama Arashi (17K) - This photo shows Steve Belzer perfoming Yama Arashi on his father, Bob Belzer. The Belzers taught Danzan-Ryu in Reston, VA in 1970 under the auspices of their home dojo, the Penmar Judo Kai in California. Three of the VA students were eventually promoted to black belt: George Arrington (1974), Robert May (1975), and Thomas Goodnough (1976).

Robert Koga Teaches (14.7K) - This 1970 photo shows Robert Koga at a seminar he gave for Jujutsu students. Koga, who was a Los Angeles police officer, was instrumental in incorporating martial art methods into police tactics. He is seen here with Bud Fuller (left), Tom Ball and Kitty Smith.

Hibara Hazushi (Tanto) (17K) Here is a picture of the reverse hand side stab defense from the Kiai no Maki's Tanto techniques. It is performed here by none other than Danzan-Ryu Headmaster Professor Sig Kufferath (Tori) and Professor Tony Janovich (Uke).

Isami Tsuki Nage (35.7K) - This first technique from the Shinnin no Maki list is translated as "courageous thrusting throw". Here we see Sensei Leonard Pesheck throwing Michael Brown (both of the Virginia Kodenkan). This and the other 34 Shinnin arts were required to pass the Shodan test in Professor Okazaki's dojo.

Hiza Garami (10.0K) - This is a photo of Robert Hudson applying a leg lock and neck crank to Dennis Estes. This technique is from the Goshin Jitsu list developed by the AJJF. This list, which has undergone several revisions over the years, has also been known as Jokyu Yawara and Ladies Yawara.

Combat Sequence! (22K) - Here are Allen Schaffer and Josh Haney of the Kaishinkai Dojo in Olympia, WA performing a mock combat sequence for Sensei Ron Jennings.

Prof. Fisher at Ohana '96 (13K) - This photo shows Sr. Prof. Lamar Fisher of the AJJF teaching the use of the Hanbo at the 1996 Ohana celebration.

Virginia Kodenkan testing August 10, 1997. The following are a series of images of Danzan-Ryu techniques performed by students during their tests. Among the promotions were: William Hahn - Shodan, George Arkwright - Ikkyu, Michael Brown - Ikkyu, Karen Panker - Nikyu, David Taylor - Sankyu, and Jeff Decker - Yonkyu.

Gyakute Nage (Oku) - Tori: Bill Hahn, Uke: David Taylor
Hagai Shime (Yawara) - Tori: David Taylor, Uke: George Arkwright
Hiki Otoshi (Oku) - Tori: Michael Brown, Uke: George Arkwright
Mizukuguri (Oku) - Tori: Karen Panker, Uke: David Taylor
Obi Hane Goshi (Shinnin) - Tori: Bill Hahn, Uke: Leonard Pesheck
Ushiro Gatame (Shime) - Tori: David Taylor, Uke: Michael Brown

Sensei George Arrington performing various Danzan-Ryu techniques with Mike Brown as Uke.
Okuri Harai
Hane Goshi
Uki Otoshi
Tatsumaki Shime
Isami Tsuki Nage

Tora Katsugi, (tiger shouldering) from the Oku Te, is a back-to-back throw with a belt around uke's neck. In this picture, Prof. Alex Limbaugh (left) observes two of his students performing the techniques at the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, Inc. convention in Houston, TX on Nov. 2, 1997.

Sensei Tom Westfall of the Nikko Dojo in Olympia, WA held a seminar at the Virginia Kodenkan in March, 1998. Sensei Westfall is a senior student of Profs. Sig Kufferath and Tony Janovich. His uke for these techniques is Jeff Decker a student of Danzan-Ryu and Icho Yama-Ryu and a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Katate Tomoe (Oku Te) - Performed by John Bush (Tori) and David Taylor (Uke) of the Virginia Kodenkan.

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