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Danzan-Ryu Other Pictures

Okazaki in his Kodenkan Dojo. (23K) In this famous photo, Henry Seishiro Okazaki is seen in his dojo standing in front of his "boards". These painted planks listed the technique names from each of his Jujutsu katas. Shown here we see (left to right) a portion of Nage no Kata, Shime no Kata, Oku no Kata, Shinen (Shinnin) no Maki and Shinyo no Maki. In the background is his valued American flag and a pair of deer antlers. Prof. Okazaki's right hand holds his fan. His left hand position is also noteworthy.

Another View of the Kodenkan (35K) - Here is a view of the empty Kodenkan dojo. Note the calligraphies hanging on the wall. From right to left (and read right to left) they say: Ko Den Kan (ancient tradition school), Bun Shikashite Bu (the pen is the same as the martial), and Sei Chu Do (stillness amidst commotion). The Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu curriculum boards shown (from left to right) are: Nage No Kata (Ladies) Course I, Yawara (Ladies) Course I, Yawara Course I, Nage No Kata Course I, Shime No Kata Course I, (American Flag above the Joseki), Oku No Kata, Kiai No Maki, Shinen (Shinnin) No Maki, and Shinyo No Maki.

Okazaki at Home (42K) This photo shows Prof. Okazaki relaxing at home with a group of Japanese college students.

Who's That??? (11K) Why that dapper young Salvation Army College Graduate is future AJJF founder, Bud Estes prior to his leaving for Hawaii.

Terry Stanton (12.5K) - Dr. Terry Stanton as he appeared in 1969. He holds black belts in both Jujutsu and Karate. Dr. Stanton is the creator of the Shinrai no Maki. He developed this list as an advanced list of techniques for Danzan-Ryu black belts.

Professor Ramon Lono Ancho Jr. (22K) - Seen here at a 1994 massage seminar in Pennsylvania hosted by Doug Kiehl. Left to right: George Arrington, Prof. Ancho, Dwight Needham, Leonard Pesheck.

Prof. Okazaki's Tanto - This tanto was presented to Prof. Okazaki in 1940 by the Army & Navy YMCA Jujitsu Club. It was given to Prof. Sig Kufferath. Photo courtesy of Prof. Tony Janovich.

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