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Danzan-Ryu Massage Pictures

Prof. Okazaki in his massage uniform - This famous 1944 photo of the Professor shows him in his clinical garb.

Okazaki's Blind Student In this photo from 1945, Okazaki guides Omiya, a blind massage student, in giving Col. Gilbert a treatment.

Massage Class Graduation - This photo was taken on July 20, 1941 of the graduation ceremony for 17 massage class graduates and two Jujutsu mokoroku recipients. Included on the front row are Steven J. Byzek (1st from left), Frank Souza (5th from left), John Cahill (third from right) and on the second row is Emil "Curly" Freedman (seated 1st from left). On the two ends of the graduates are assistant instructors Marion Anderson (far left) and Richard Rickerts (far right) in their clinical garb. These graduations were typically attended by a Shinto priest (seated to Okazaki's right) and a number of family and guests. Okazaki's step-daughter, Esther Azuma, is standing in the back (3rd from the left).

Prof. Okazaki used his Seifukujutsu to help the wife of Hawaii's Governor John Burns during her difficult pregnacy. Evidently, she had suffered some prior miscarriages and the doctors were about about to terminate this pregnancy. Governor was a patient of Okazaki and when the Professor heard of this he intervened and said that he would take care of her. After Okazaki's treatments, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. In gratitude, Governor Burns named his baby James Seishiro Burns. The child went on to become a noted judge in Hawaii.

Okazaki with baby Burns

Grown-up Burns thanks Hachiro Okazaki

Note: These pictures hang in the lobby of Nikko Restoration Massage in Honolulu.

Hachiro Okazaki - This is a photo of Professor Okazaki's eldest son Hachiro on a visit to California in 1980.

Hachiro Okazaki Teaches Massage - On his 1980 visit to California, Hachiro Okazaki gave a class in massage to a group of Jujutsu students. Prof. Bud Estes looks on.

Okazaki Lectures - Here is Hachiro Okazaki lecturing to a group of Jujutsu students.

Prof. Kufferath at Work - This is a photo of Prof. Sig Kufferath performing the restoration massage on Sensei Hans Ingebretsen during a 1995 massage class.

A Statue of the Professor - Upon entering the Nikko Restoration Clinic in Honolulu, this statue of Prof. Okazaki greets you.

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