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Danzan-Ryu Convention Pictures

San Jose, CA, 1953 (35K) An interesting photo that depicts the principals of the first national AAU Judo match held at San Jose State College in 1953. Many noted martial artists are pictured here.
Top Row (L to R): Lamar Fisher, Bill Montero, Wally Jay, Unknown, John Ogden, Dom Corollo, Ernest Maraoni, Duke Yoshimura, Richard Takamoto.
2nd Row from the top (L to R): Ray Law, Thorson, Luke Estes, Bud Estes, Al Holtman, Unknown, Arthur Broadbent, Sam Hamai, Sig Kufferath, Mitz Kimura, .
Staggered Front Row (L to R): Bernice Jay, Charlie Yerkow, Unknown, Yosh Uchida, Unknown Dentist, Donn F. Draeger, Sam Luke, Dr. Henry Stone PhD, Unknown, Doriguchi, Lory Coughlin, Ruth Garer, Robert W. Smith, Glenn Smith, Kenneth Kumiyuki, Bill Godfrey, Hideo Shirai, Walter Todd, Frank Watanuki.
(This photo was provided by Sensei Rivera of the Dale City Judo Club of Dale City, VA.)

Early AJJF Leadership (23.8K) - Here are the founders and early leaders of the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation circa 1958. From left to right: James Musselman, Bud Estes, Lucille (Lukie) Estes, Richard Rickerts, Marie Law, John Cahill, Abigail Cahill, Norman Carl Nelson, Ray Law, and Lamar Fisher.

Bill Beach Certifies a New School (11.7K) - This is a 1968 photo of Prof. Bill Beach awarding the certificate to the Valdosta, GA Jujutsu dojo.

1968 AJJF Convention (16.3K) - Here is Prof. William Morris speaking at the 1968 AJJF Convention Banquet about the history of the AJJF. He is flanked by Lamar Fisher (left) and Bud Estes and their wives.

Tony Muran (8.6K) - Here seen in 1980, Tony Muran was a long-time student under Professor Okazaki. While in the Navy, Muran was responsible for teaching Jujutsu to many sailors. He also helped spread Danzan-Ryu in southern California.

Gathering of Okazaki Students (26.9K) - At the 1981 AJJF Convention a group of Okazaki students stood for this group photo. Included here are Wally Jay, John Chow-Hoon, Sig Kufferath, Jack Wheat, Bud Estes, Carl Beaver and Tony Muran.

Gathering of Masters (19.7K) The 1990 Ohana celebration included the appearance of some of the top instructors from the Okazaki tradition. This picture shows: (seated L to R) Wally Jay, Antone Gonzales and Carl Beaver; (standing L to R) Jack Wheat, Bernice Jay, Sig Kufferath, Joe Holck, Francisco Limbago, David Nuuhiwa.

Ohana - This is the Hawaiian word for "family". Since 1990, the Okazaki Jujutsu family has gathered together in the spirit of unity. These gatherings have included seminars, tournaments, banquets and a lot of fellowship. Below are some images from past Ohana festivals.

Teachers (28.7K) - Here is a group photo of the teachers from the 1990 Ohana. Front Row (L to R): Carl Beaver, Wally Jay, Francisco Limbago, Antone Gonzales, Charlie Lee, Vinson Holck. Back Row (L to R) Ken Regenitter, Gene Edwards, Bernice Jay, Jane Carr, Sig Kufferath, John Congistre, Richard Bunch, Tom Ball, David Nuuhiwa, Joe Holck, Jack Wheat, Rory Rebmann, Bill Randle, Tom Jenkins, Barry Holck.

Gomez and Students (18.8K) - Here is longtime Okazaki instructor, Juan Gomez with two of his most notable students, Wally Jay and Antone Gonzales.

From Hawaii (18.3K) - The President and Secretary of the American Jujitsu Institute, Francisco Limbago (R) and Daniel Saragosa.

Ceremony (14.8K) - Award ceremonies are one of the most exciting parts of the Ohana celebrations. Often, people receive belt ranks and other honors at the banquet. Here we see Ron Jennings receiving the 1996 Jujitsu America Instructor of the Year Award from outgoing JA President Lee Eichelberger. The Instructor of the Year award was shared with Janice Okamoto. Both Janice and Ron were graduates of the 1993 Okugi class.

Friends (10.9K) - Above all, the Ohana celebration is an opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones. Here are two instructors from the KoDenKan Institute, Steve Balzac and Aimee Yermish.

AJJF Professors (18.8K) - Here is the AJJF board of Professors in 1993. From left: John Congistre, Tom Ball, Rory Rebmann, James Musselman, Tom Jenkins, Jane Carr, Don Cross, Pat Browne, Lamar Fisher.

Jujitsu America's 19th Annual Convention was held on Sept. 5-7, 1997 in Olympia, WA. The following pictures illustrate that event:

The Instructors - Front (from left) Gerald McKenzie, Imiko Okazaki Mullins, Laura Welch, Connie Gallant, Scott Merrill, James DeMile, Joe Souza, Ron Jennings, James Muro; Back (from left) Sue Jennings, Donna Cary, Lee Eichelberger, Clyde Zimmerman, George Arrington, Wally Jay, David Castoldi, Willy Cahill, Rudy Aguilar.

Sensei Ron Jennings and his wife Sue were the hosts of the convention. Ron, who has been involved in Danzan-Ryu since 1960, was the recipient of the 1997 Jujitsu America Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Imi and the Kids - Professor Imi Okazaki-Mullins shared Jujitsu techniques and stories about her father with the kid's class.

Oku - Professor Lee Eichelberger demonstrates the ending of the Oku technique, Kotegaeshi.

Promotion - Professor Tony Janovich represented Professor Sig Kufferath in the promotion of his student, Tom Westfall to Yodan. Tom teaches Danzan-Ryu in Olympia.

Sensei Sue Jennings received both a promotion to Nidan and a Presidential Award. Despite an injured knee, Sue was instrumental in putting the convention together. Here Sensei Joe Souza presents Sue with her Nidan certificate as Gerald McKenzie looks on.

The kid's class was visited by several of the Professors, but it was organized by Senseis Stan Miller, Laura Welch, and Rudy Aguilar.

Tessen - Iron fan techniques were taught by Sensei George Arrington of the Virginia Kodenkan. Professor Tony Janovich and Sensei Tom Westfall assisted Sensei Arrington in teaching the class. In this photo, Professor Janovich demonstates the finer points of Uchikomi Dome.

Leg Bar - Sensei Bijay Singh applies a painful leg lock to Sensei Scott Merrill during Professor James Muro's class.

The Wally Jay Award - Professor Jay awards the first-ever Wally Jay Award to Professor Willy Cahill. Jujitsu America President Gerald McKenzie looks on.

Individual Instruction - Professor James Muro gets up close and personal during his seminar. Professor Muro teaches a seamless blend of Jujutsu, Kempo and whatever works.

Master of Disaster - Jujutsu instructor and former professional wrestler David Castoldi of Boston teaches a dynamic series of knife defenses.

History and Tradition Talk Story - Sensei George Arrington (right) leads an interactive discussion about Danzan-Ryu history and tradition. Professor Wally Jay (left) added his unique insight to the discussion.

The Professional Uke? - Judo and Jujutsu teacher Chris Peterson (center) poses with Gerald McKenzie and James Muro.

Da Coach - Two-time U.S. Olympic Judo coach, Professor Willy Cahill leads a class in the finer points of Judo matwork.

The Future - Professor Wally Jay shares some secrets of his Small-Circle Jujitsu ® with the future of martial arts.

1997 Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, Inc. Convention (48K) - This is a group photo of the participants at the HJS convention in Houston, TX on Nov. 2, 1997. The HJS Professors are seated in the center row. From left to right: Byron Walker, Johnny Hartzell, Alex Limbaugh, Bill Beach, William R. Beach, Gary Jones.
Photo courtesy of Prof. Byron Walker

Ohana 1998 - May 22-25, 1998, San Ramon Marriott, San Ramon, CA. Hosted by the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation.

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