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The Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu Instructor's Notebook

This section contains hints and tips from a variety of Danzan-Ryu instructors. If you are curious about a particular technique or you wish to add a secret of your own, please e-mail me at Each "tip" should be short (100 lines or less) and any contributors will receive a "by-line" for their submissions. (Note: I have not included material from any lists above Oku Te.)

Share your knowledge with the rest of the World!

  • Ukemi - rolling and falling

  • Yawara - grab escapes, joint locks, etc.

  • Nage Te - methods of throwing an opponent to the ground

  • Shime Te - choking and other constriction techniques

  • Oku Te - advanced combinations of throws, locks, constrictions, etc.

  • Healing - resuscitation, massage, restorative techniques

  • Other - general information about a variety of topics

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